Back to Basics: What to Consider When Purchasing Florida Car Insurance

Every state has different requirements of what is and what isn’t necessary for drivers to have in terms of insurance. As such, these state requirements are one of the most important things to consider when insuring in Florida. read more “Back to Basics: What to Consider When Purchasing Florida Car Insurance”

4 Car Insurance Myths You Probably Believe (But Shouldn’t)

here are a lot of misconceptions floating around about car insurance, ranging from the ridiculous to the dangerous. In an industry dominated by pithy catchphrases and iconic mascots, it’s hard to imagine that substance has fallen by the wayside. read more “4 Car Insurance Myths You Probably Believe (But Shouldn’t)”

Motorcycle Misconceptions: Insurance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Although owning and riding a motorcycle can be exciting, it’s also incredibly important to protect yourself by riding safely and investing in superior motorcycle insurance. But knowing all about the types of car insurance available can be confusing enough for many folks; it’s understandable that you may be overwhelmed by your motorcycle insurance options, too. We’re here to help illuminate some truths about these kinds of insurance policies, starting with a few popular myths you shouldn’t believe. read more “Motorcycle Misconceptions: Insurance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe”

Don’t Expose Yourself To Risk, Get Condo Insurance Today

Insurance: something everyone has (or should have) in some way or form. It can come in the form of life insurance, auto insurance, or renters insurance, but the basic principle remains the same — to provide support for you and/or your property in the case of an emergency. read more “Don’t Expose Yourself To Risk, Get Condo Insurance Today”

The Dos and Don’ts After a Car Accident

World wide, 1.2. million people die in car accidents yearly. This statistic isn’t to scare you, but to make you aware of how often car accidents happen and that they can be fatal. As a safe and cautious driver you abide by the rules of the road but, unfortunately, you can’t control the drivers around you. It’s one thing to be a safe driver, but it’s another to be a fully prepared driver. If you do get into an accident do you have a plan of action? Do you have auto insurance? Do you know what your car insurance covers and the necessary steps for submitting a claim? There is no reason to get on the road everyday waiting for an accident to happen but being prepared is always preferred. read more “The Dos and Don’ts After a Car Accident”

4 Tips to Help Protect Your Home With a Home Inventory List

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 52% of homeowners had a home inventory as of June, 2015. That means nearly half of homeowners are not prepared for the chance of a disaster or theft. But a home inventory is not only a good idea for people with home insurance, those who’ve purchased renters insurance or condo insurance should also keep a home inventory. read more “4 Tips to Help Protect Your Home With a Home Inventory List”

Renters Insurance and Subletting

Anyone living in a major city or a vacation destination knows how hard it can be to find the perfect apartment. But what happens if you need to make an extended trip, for personal or professional reasons? While some people may be able to afford the cost of renting property in two places simultaneously, for many the extra cost would be an extreme burden–if not an impossibility. read more “Renters Insurance and Subletting”

A Few Excellent Reasons to Invest in Boat Insurance

So you just bought a boat. Congratulations! Now you can sail the seas, lakes, or rivers near you with ease and on your own time. But after spending all of that money on a boat, how are you going to make sure you don’t lose all of that money?

The answer is boat insurance. You have home insurance, auto insurance, and even term life insurance, so why should securing your boat with insurance be any different? Approximately 5.3 percent of insured homes had a claim in 2014, and who’s to say boats won’t have their claims? Here are a few excellent reasons to invest in boat insurance.

Boats are out in the water constantly and it isn’t exactly like driving a car. So damages, whether from wear and tear or a boating accident, need to be covered under your insurance. This is largely the same reason you have motorcycle insurance or motorhome insurance. Protecting your property — and your finances — from any damage that might occur to your property.

Marina Requirements
If you’re docking your boat in a marina, they may require insurance beforehand. Your insurance is proof that any damages to your boat will be covered under your policy. If something happens to your boat at someone else’s marina, they don’t want to be liable for your property.

Winter Weather
Contrary to popular belief, many boat insurance claims actually come in during the colder months, not during prime boating season. The vast majority of these claims stem from fire, theft, vandalism, and flooding. While those issues occur all year long, a surprising amount of damage is sustained during the winter.

Custom Policies
Getting insurance for your boat is a little bit different than insuring your home or car. While it’s still just as important, these insurance policies can be tailored to your exact needs. In addition, some boating insurance policies can even be suspended while you’re not using your boat for long periods of time.

Insurance is a smart bet with any purchase, especially for vehicles like cars, boats, and RVs. Why go out on the water without knowing you’re protected?

3 Things Most People Get Wrong About Life Insurance

life insuranceThe process of getting life insurance can be confusing for many people, but most agree that it’s necessary. Still, even though six out of 10 Americans say they have these policies, nearly half of those who do may have insufficient coverage. Unfortunately, many myths about this type of insurance continue to prevail, which often leads to incomplete or a total lack of coverage. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common misconceptions and how they could be hurting you and your family.

  • You don’t need it if you have no spouse or dependents
    While it’s true that coverage from your insurance can help your family if you should pass away, it’s extremely beneficial for those who are single, too. Personal debts, medical bills, and funeral expenses all add up. If you don’t have insurance, your family or executor will be responsible for paying those costs. In addition, having an insurance policy can allow you to give to a charitable organization or alma mater, or set up a scholarship fund after your death.
  • The insurance your job provides will be enough
    Some people are fortunate in that their work-related insurance coverage is sufficient for their needs. This may be the case if you’re single and don’t live beyond your means. But if you’re married or have dependents, you’ll most likely need additional coverage. While your job may provide insurance equivalent to one-to-two times your salary, with a family, you’re likely going to need coverage that equals five-to-eight times your income, or maybe more. In addition, if you leave your job or retire, that coverage is not guaranteed. You may even be able to find a better deal by purchasing a policy yourself, rather than getting additional coverage through your job.
  • Policies simply aren’t affordable
    Of the Americans who don’t have sufficient insurance, the majority feel that it’s the cost that prohibits them from purchasing more. However, studies have found that most greatly overestimate the cost of insurance. In reality, these policies are often very affordable and are well worth the investment. You may think you’re saving money by not having a policy, but in the long run, you’ll actually be losing out.

Whether you need life insurance, auto insurance, or condo insurance, Sugar Sands is here to help. For more information on the best term life insurance Panama City Beach FL has to offer and to get your quick quote, contact us today.