The Dos and Don’ts After a Car Accident

World wide, 1.2. million people die in car accidents yearly. This statistic isn’t to scare you, but to make you aware of how often car accidents happen and that they can be fatal. As a safe and cautious driver you abide by the rules of the road but, unfortunately, you can’t control the drivers around you. It’s one thing to be a safe driver, but it’s another to be a fully prepared driver. If you do get into an accident do you have a plan of action? Do you have auto insurance? Do you know what your car insurance covers and the necessary steps for submitting a claim? There is no reason to get on the road everyday waiting for an accident to happen but being prepared is always preferred.


  • Call the Police
    If he/she does not have an insured vehicle they may try to get you to agree to handle things without police involvement. Do not let this be an option.
  • Always Seek Medical Attention
    Even if you don’t feel like anything is wrong physically, it is always important to get checked out by a professional. Injuries from a car accident may not begin to bother you until later on, so it’s important for your insurance claim to note that you were looked over, and be sure to have the medical records too.
  • Get Information From The Other Driver
    Do not let the other driver leave without getting contact details, auto insurance information,and car details (license plate, make and model of the car).
  • Take Photos
  • Call Your Insurance Company
    Call your insurance company as soon as possible with all the pertinent information fresh in your mind. The sooner you start the claim the better!


  • Do Not Admit Fault
    Don’t apologize to the other driver or admit fault to the police, witnesses, or anyone else.

    Explain what happened in detail and let the insurance company and police officers determine who may have caused the accident.
  • Don’t Move the Vehicle
    Unless you are instructed to move your vehicle by law enforcement leave it as is. It is always best to exit the vehicle as soon as possible after an accident to remove yourself from danger too. It is also important for law enforcement to see the exact point of impact, and your pictures of the vehicles will assist with the auto insurance claim as well.
  • Don’t Wait to Get Witness Statements
    You should get the contact information for anyone who witnessed the accident. Details can be forgotten over time too so be sure to get their side of the story as soon as possible.
  • Do Not Leave the Scene
    Even if the accident isn’t your fault, it’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident until after the police have arrived.

Whether you have motorcycle insurance or insurance for a regular sedan these dos and don’ts after a car accident apply. There are many types of car insurance out there, but to ensure you have successful auto insurance claim after an accident you want to keep a cool head and remember the necessary steps to protect yourself physically and financially.

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