How is Motorhome Insurance Different from Regular Auto Insurance?

Your motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV) is, by all standards, much more than just a car. It might serve as your vacation home or, for an increasing number of retirees, your year-round home. RV travel is one great way to see the world, especially when you’re free from the responsibilities of holding down a job and raising children. In fact, saving up for a comfortable retirement is the number-one financial concern among people age 25 and older — after they stop worrying so much about paying monthly bills while they’re under 25. Retirement on the road? It’s the new American Dream come true.

But whether you use your RV as a primary residence or a home away from home for the occasional family getaway, it’s important to acquire special motorhome insurance for your vehicle. There are certain protections and precautions you’ll want to have on your RV that regular auto insurance home owners insurance simply won’t cover, including:

    • Personal Effects Coverage: Any personal belongings stored inside your RV can be covered by motorcoach insurance in the event of an accident, theft, or natural disaster.


    • Emergency Expenses: If you suffer a claim while away from home, your recreational vehicle insurance may help cover the costs of lodging, food, and transportation throughout the recovery process.


    • Full Replacement Coverage: Some insurance options offer full replacement value for totaled RVs within their first five model years. This differs significantly from regular auto insurance or boat insurance, where values depreciate rapidly.


  • Permanent Attachments Replacement: Accessories like antennas, awnings, and satellites are not generally a concern on most cars, but they’re automatically insured with most types of motorhome insurance.

Perhaps most importantly of all, when you purchase specific motorhome insurance from a verified agent, you’ll be working with someone who actually understands RV coverage and concerns. Not all auto insurers know how to handle motorhome claims; when selecting insurance for your RV, be sure to find a claims specialist who has an extensive knowledge and understanding of this class of vehicle. They say it takes one to know one — and nowhere is that more true than with RV enthusiasts who live for a life on the road.

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