The Surprising Thing Home Insurance May Cover

Last month, devastation hit Florida. Hurricane Irma came and went in about three days but caused residents to prepare for over a week before it even made landfall. Many people even evacuated. They gathered all of the belongings that they didn’t want to lose and got out of town. When it hit land, it took down many homes, destroyed cars, and ruined many lives. Along with knocking down homes and trees, it also knocked out power to many communities.

Having no power means that you can’t charge your cell phone, have heat, or have access to a microwave or stove to cook. Hospitals and nursing homes tried running on generators to be able to help their residents and patients. However, not all generators were working and people were left in the cold and dark.

No power also meant that refrigerators were useless. Everything that people had in their fridge that was perishable was no longer good. Since the power was most likely out for an extended period of time, there was no perfect way to save the food.

Many people that were affected by the hurricane had home owners insurance along with car insurance and life insurance. Home insurance generally protects you in the instance of fires, lightning, hail, wind, and vandalism. It allows you to get money back for anything lost. Over the last nine years, about half of homeowners had prepared an inventory of everything they lost and owned so that their insurers would be able to see what needed to be covered. However, there is something else that home insurance may cover that you probably haven’t thought of.

If your power does go out, home insurance may cover the loss of the spoiled food. According to theĀ Sun-Sentenial, your policy may cover up to $500 of perished food. Hundreds of dollars in food may have been lost if your power went out since food that needs to either be refrigerated or frozen can go bad after two hours. So, the $500 that you may be eligible for can really help.

If you’ve been affected by spoiled food and you want to see if you qualify for the money, contact your insurance company. They will be able to tell you for sure if you qualify or not. If you don’t have home insurance but are looking into getting a policy with this kind of bonus, you may ask the company about it when you call to get an insurance quote.

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